A typical day

A typical day on the Sydney to Surfers Robbo’s Ride will start early with riders cycling from their accommodation to the breakfast venue. Breakfast is always at the same location as the previous night’s dinner – if you’re not sure how to get there, just follow the scores of other cyclists heading in one direction!

Campers should leave luggage at the luggage truck in the campground while those staying at motels will leave their luggage in a designated area at their accommodation for collection.

After breakfast, the Ride Marshal will be responsible for coordinating staggered departure times for packs to ensure an orderly departure and an appropriate time gap between each pack. Unless otherwise approved by the Ride Marshal, packs must leave in strict reverse order. That is, the Youth Off The Streets Pack will leave first with the other packs following at intervals and Pack 1 (the fastest) leaving last.

Riders will be well fuelled from breakfast to attack the first 50 or so kilometres to the morning tea stop. Morning tea is usually in a local park or similar area and is provided by Rotary volunteers. You can choose from a range of fruit, cakes, bread and sandwich fillings on a self-serve basis. Water, tea and coffee is also provided at morning tea.

Another 50 or so kilometres will take riders to the lunch stop, manned by another team of Rotary volunteers. Lunch usually comprises a plentiful array of bread rolls/wraps and sandwich fillings, salads and cold meats on a self-serve basis. Soft drinks are also available at lunch.

At each stop, riders should ensure they know from the Pack Captain how long the break will be and when to be ready to leave.

After lunch, another 50 or so kilometres will see you into our destination for the day. All riders are expected to proceed to the camping area with their support vehicle. At the end of the ride, you should collect your day pack from the support vehicle and make your way to your accomodation with your bicycle. Campers should take their bikes to the designated luggage truck for safe keeping.

Riders and volunteers gather for dinner around 6.30 pm at a local club. From around 5.00-5.30pm each day mini buses will travel a circuit to collect participants from the campground and the designated hotels and motels to go to the club. Dinner is served at the club and is usually a self serve buffet. Riders generally sit with their Packs for dinner but everyone is encouraged to mingle and get to know other riders and the volunteers.

During dinner, the Ride Coordinator will provide important information for the following day, including breakfast arrangements and expected riding conditions. Riders should pay particular attention for any hazards foreshadowed for the ride.

Dinner usually concludes around 9.00-9.30pm and buses will run a number of circuits to return participants to their accomodation or the campground.

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