At the end

You’ve had seven days in the saddle and you’re on the final run to the end! This year will again see some changes to the end of the ride.

After lunch, packs will ride on and gather at Kurrawa Surf Club. From here, the Youth Off The Streets Pack will lead the entire group under police escort for the last few kilometres along the famous Surfers Paradise beaches and into the gala finish.

This finish is very special and something you won’t want to miss!

Its not every day you get to ride in a peleton of up to 200 cyclists but we need everyone to ride carefully and be alert to those around them. We’ll have more detailed instructions closer to the ride.

For those having their bike transported back to Sydney, you’ll need to pack and tag your bike and get it loaded onto the appropriate truck. For more information about transport of bikes back to Sydney, see the Accommodation and Luggage page.

Now you’re free to celebrate the end of the ride, relax and look forward to the final dinner. See you there!

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