Pack right

You know you hate it when you go on holiday and realise the thing you needed most was the one thing you forgot to pack. We’d like to help ensure you pack everything you need – for you and your bike.

Its also important that we take care of the luggage team volunteers – after all, they’ll be carrying your luggage to and fro for seven days straight and we don’t need any strained backs! For this reason, your luggage should weight no more than 18kgs – so pack light! Please also ensure that your luggage has your name on it and is tagged with your accomodation details. Luggage tags will be provided at registration on the start day.

To help you to ensure that you don’t leave any of the ‘must have’ items behind, below is an inventory for you to use as a checklist. In addition to your personal needs there are a number of ‘bike related’ items and spares you should  have with you as you won’t have much an opportunity to do ‘shopping’ along the way.

For you

  • Photo ID
  • Money – for drinks, snacks, fines, etc
  • Jerseys and knicks for the week – be prepared for all weather (Remember, you will be get your official ride kit on Day 1 and it is to be worn on Day 7)
  • Wet weather riding gear including spare gloves
  • Sun sleeves, arm warmers, leg warmers
  • Bike shoes, shoe covers, cleat covers, helmet
  • It can be chilly in the mornings so pack something warm
  • Socks, underwear, PJs etc for the week
  • Casual clothes for the dinners (including a warm jacket as it can get cold)
  • Casual shoes/trainers
  • Swimmers/towel (in case you get the chance to use them)
  • Sunglasses
  • Toiletries, hand wash
  • Personal medical needs, personal first aid kit, (butt cream or similar product)
  • Sunscreen (Keep this in your day pack)
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • A small power board if you have multiple gadgets to charge every night
  • Ear plugs if you are a light sleeper and sharing accommodation

For your bike

  • Garmin/speedo and charger
  • If you have electronic gearing, make sure you bring your charger and/ or back up battery
  • Spare tubes (x 3)
  • Spare tyre
  • Spare cleats
  • Chain oil and chain degreaser
  • Wipes/ cloths/latex gloves
  • Bike tools, spare parts (if you know how to use them)

For campers

  • Tent – don’t forget the poles and pegs!
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat
  • Torch

Your camping gear can be packed in a small, separate bag.

For your day pack

  • Wet weather gear
  • Bike tools and spares
  • Snacks if you wish (but there is plenty of food provided at morning tea and lunch)
  • A warm jacket
  • Sunscreen, hand wash/ sanitiser
  • A change of clothes in case of torrential rain

Your day pack should be as small as possible, have your name and mobile phone number on it and will be carried in the support vehicle during the ride. It is each rider’s responsibility to retrieve their day pack at the end of each day.

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