Train right

Training and preparation is key to successfully participating in an event like the Sydney to Surfers Robbo’s Ride. With the help of David Heatley* at Cycling-Inform, we’ve gathered some tips to help you make the most of your efforts to get ready to cycle all the way from Sydney to Surfers Paradise in just 7 days.


Bike fit – It’s important to make sure that your bike is set up and fits you properly …. [read more]

Body maintenance – Keeping your body flexible and strong will help minimise your chance of injury … [read more]

Effective nutrition – When training, it’s important to feed your body the right type of food at the right time … [read more]

Effective training – It is important to train for the conditions you’ll experience on the ride … [read more]

Your training plan – Plan to spend at least 8-10 weeks immediately prior to  the event building your fitness … [read more]



* cycling-informDavid Heatley is an Accredited Cycling Australia Cycling Coach. His company, Cycling-Inform, provides cycle coaching services, runs training camps and has a website full of excellent advice to help you get the best out of your training and your cycling.



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