Questions & Answers

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What will be the dates for the 2016 Macsim Sydney to Surfers ride?

Saturday 3oth April – Friday 6th May 2016

I want to ride in 2016 – can I put my name down now?

Thanks for your interest – you’ll have to wait until our entry forms come out in early November and then fill it in and get it back to us.

That’s the best, fastest and easiest way to ensure you’ll secure a place.

Will I be able to enter online?


Where does the ride start?

The ride starts at the carpark of the Hornsby TAFE College in Jersey Street on the Western Side of the Railway Line.

What hours in the day do we generally ride?

Varies from group to group – take 8am as your starting point most days.
We stop for morning tea and lunch.

What experience level is required for the ride?

In terms of fitness, we have lots of different packs  (12-16 in each Pack) who do the ride at different speeds.

The Pack 1 lads tend to go as fast as they can.  Pack 2 is a bit slower but always think they’re faster, and down the Packs it goes.

Some people do it fast, many do it at a leisurely pace.

Obviously you need a good level of fitness to be able to complete the ride – we have ages ranging from 18 to 75 completing the ride.

I have a complaint about the web site. Who do I complain to?

Jack Sinclair is a young guy who created and manages our web site for us for free and updates it with all the information he gets.

This is the 10th year he’s been taking care of the site for us.

If you have a complaint about Jack then, unfortunately, you’ll have to get through the 100 or so riders who love the young fella!!

Seriously, if you’d like something added to the web site – photos or videos or stories – then he’d love to have them.

Email him at

Do you have a forum on the site?

Not anymore – we did have one but it hardly got any use and didn’t provide much value (plus it gets plenty of spam we need to delete on an ongoing basis).

I have photos/videos/stories/etc that could be good for the web site. Where shall I send them?

Thanks – we’d love to have them.

This web site is set up so we can show tons of photos, video, audio, etc – if you have anything please shoot it through to

Our Video Will Show You Lots More Information

Check out the video below (by our mate Tom Forbes) where you’ll see a lot more about the friendliness of the ride.