Updated Black Macsim with Yellow Backing

Wow! That’s the only word to describe our major sponsor Macsim Fastening Systems.

Fraser Mackay- Sim has been incredibly generous year after year and donated a car to be be provided to one of our lucky fundraisers!
“Macsim Fastening Systems are delighted to be involved in the ride – as a leading supplier of fasteners we know it’s the little things that hold the big things together!

Our contribution is one of the little things and just want to acknowledge the big things:

  • the work of Rotary Club of Engadine,
  • the work of the Youth of the Streets team and
  • the efforts of the riders

and congratulate them on making such a big difference in many people’s lives. I hope our support assists everyone involved in doing their very best.”


The Sydney to Surfers Charity Bike Ride is an initiative of and continues to be fully run by the Rotary Club of Engadine.




The Sydney to Surfers ride will conclude at Sea World Resort & Water Park in 2017, with accommodation provided on Day 7.

Other sponsors include: