Day 5 – Nambucca Heads To Grafton – 118 Kms

Day 5 – Wednesday 7th May 2014
Nambucca Heads To Grafton – 118 Kms


18.8 Ks Veer Left Up Ramp And Turn Right Through Roundabouts Into Sawtell Road Towards Sawtell

21.0 ks turn left to Coffs Harbour at Hogbin Drive

Cyclist to go 100 metres and turn onto cycle way on right hand side of road – back up vehicles to keep with packs as best as possible without obstructing traffic.

24.0 ks straight ahead through roundabout

25.4 ks straight ahead through roundabout

27.1 ks straight ahead through roundabout

27.4 ks straight ahead through roundabout

28.9 ks turn right at roundabout into Orlando Street to Coffs Harbour Jetty

29.5 ks after crossing bridge turn right into morning tea near porpoise pool at Coffs Creek Park

Ride Note icon Ride Notes:

The morning run is flat; on the highway until the Sawtell exit.

Hairy down-hill left-hander shortly after leaving highway (approx 2.5k)
The morning tea stop is in a park near the beach.

Traditionally the longest day, this stage has been shortened considerably.
I don’t think we’ll be arriving at days end feeling any fresher for the shorter distance!


After Morning Tea Turn left into Orlando St.

30.4 Ks Turn Right At Roundabout into Hogbin Rd And Follow To The End

31.7 Ks Turn Left Into Arthur St And Proceed Under Highway And Turn Right To Rejoin The Highway

34.9 Ks Turn Left At Second Turn After Big Banana Into Bruxner Park Rd

38.5 Ks Straight Ahead Into Forest Drive At Top Of Hill

48.9 Ks Turn Left To Nana Glen Care To Be Taken On All Bridges And Blind Corners – Stay On The Left Side Of The Centre Line

62.4 Ks Turn Right To Grafton

73.3 Ks Turn Right at Golden Dog Hotel – Lunch at rear of Hotel

Ride Note iconRide Notes:

Rolling country to hilly.

There is a climb as we leave Coffs Harbour, but it is a lot easier than what is to follow.

It can be a pretty hard stage after morning tea, the country is a bit lumpy in places and things usually hot up after the climb out of town, just after the Big Banana.

This is our first real taste of country roads and it usually gets everybody fired up. The tempo doesn’t usually slacken till we’re near the lunch stop at Glenreagh.

So expect a hard day. It’s very honest country if the pace is on. There are two turns to remember once over the climb leaving Coffs Harbour:

  • First Left at 14 km
  • Second Right, 14 km further on


Return To Main Road – Turn Right To Grafton

87.7 Ks Bad Bridge EXTREME CARE

109.4 Ks Turn Right At T Intersection

115.6 Ks Turn Left At Intersection

115.8 Ks Turn Right Through Roundabout

116.0 Ks Straight Through Roundabout

116.3 Ks Straight Through Roundabout

116.7 Ks Cross Clarence River Bridge Cyclists To Use Cycle Way Under The Bridge – Back Up Vehicle To Meet With Pack Behind Kentucky Fried Chicken

117.5 ks turn left into Clarence Street

117.7 ks turn right into Victoria St

118.2 Ks turn left into Princes St – Crown Hotel at end of road

Ride Note icon Ride Notes:

After lunch, everyone is usually spent and happy to get to town.

There is a horizontal plank bridge 15 km from the lunch stop, give yourself a bit of room on approach, it’s quite long and it is in a dip in the roadway.

At the T-junction turn off, 6km from Grafton the pace usually hots up for a few kilometres on the run to town. By then the day is done.

Don’t forget to pull the reins in as you approach the Grafton town limits. We need to arrive into Grafton as a tidy group, not all over the road like a drunken sailor.

Remember hard left before the bridge, we ride into town over the pedestrian walkway.

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Accommodation iconAccommodation

Those tenting will be provided with Hotel accommodation in Grafton as we are not welcome at the Caravan Park

Suggested alternatives in Grafton are:

  • Comfort Inn Fitzroy (Motel) 02 6642 4477
  • Quality Inn Grafton (Motel) 02 6643 3444
  • Abbey Motor Inn (Motel) 02 6642 6122

  • Key Lodge Motel 02 6642 1446
  • Grafton Civic Motel 02 6642 4922