Sydney to Surfers now ‘Robbo’s Ride’

For the last 18 years the Rotary Club of Engadine has organised and managed the Sydney to Surfers Charity Bike Ride.

This exciting 7 day, up to 1,000 km event is an initiative of the Rotary Club and since its inception has raised almost $2.85 million in support of the Youth Off The Streets Program ( which is the major beneficiary.

A key focus for the Rotary Club is to conduct a safe, fun and memorable bike ride for up to 200 participants. The ride is designed to attract riders from all sectors of the community, of all ages and backgrounds with the overall intent of participating in a community charity event and fundraising.

Until the 2015 ride, the Ride was referred to as the Macsim Sydney to Surfers Charity Bike Ride, as Macsim Fastenings is the ride’s key sponsor, however in 2016, Fraser Mackay-Sim, Managing Director, Macsim Fastenings, asked that the ride include a reference to Ken “Robbo” Robinson whose idea started the ride some 18 years ago.

robbosrideThe Sydney to Surfers Robbo’s Ride is conducted on public roads including local town roads, freeway riding and some country roads too – just to mix it up for riders. With the exception of our last 10kms or so into Surfers Paradise, where we have a police escort to the finish line at SeaWorld, all roads are open to normal traffic during our event. The ride travels through some of the most beautiful and scenic countryside in Australia.

The Club works closely with the NSW Police Force to ensure that the ride is conducted in the safest way possible and each ride ‘Pack’ is supported by a dedicated vehicle creating a buffer between cyclists and general traffic and providing ready support to riders.

Robbo’s Ride is fully managed and coordinated by the Rotary Club of Engadine, with Kevin Stuart the Ride Secretary/Treasurer.