Vale Ken ‘Robbo’ Robinson

Vale Ken ‘Robbo’ Robinson

Ken Robinson, as a member of the Rotary Club of Engadine, was the founder and for many years the ride co-ordinator of the Sydney to Surfers cycle ride. Ken initiated the idea that the ride would generously raise funds for Youth Off The Streets.

Ken was passionate and committed to making sure the ride continued year after year and that not only was it to be a great fundraiser, he wanted everyone involved to enjoy the ride and embrace the new friendships it developed year after year.

Sadly Ken passed away on 10 August 2016 after putting up a great fight against pancreatic cancer.

As all who knew Ken would confirm, Ken was a larger than life person who always had the glass half full view on life and his inspiration and vision was second to none. He was a positive influence on all who knew him and with the addition of his nickname ‘Robbo’ to the name of the ride, he will always be remembered as the ride’s pioneer.