A message from our coffee partner

Hi Riders
Some of you may remember us from the ride in 2014.  On that occasion, Glen and Brett rode the tandem and Carmela and Sandy helped with lunches and beer runs.

Well, this time round we are taking another option.  On 29 April, Glen and I will be there in the Silky Oak Espresso Coffee Van.  Since we only have a few weeks until then, we thought it would be a good time to let you know how things are going to work to make it a smooth process.
There will be 3 options:

  • You are more than welcome to just pay cash along the way – if so, it would be a big help if you had the right change.
  • You can make arrangements with us to deposit money on account prior to April 25th . Everything will be balanced at the end of the ride and refunded if needed.
  • We can set up a tab that can be monitored and be settled up on Thursday 4th May. 
The benefits:
  • 20% of all sales through the van will go directly towards the fundraising efforts. Additional fundraising events will occur along the way.
  • I will only be keeping 4 oz and 8 oz cups on board but if you are creative and prefer your drink served in your cycle shoes then I will happily supply that one Free Of Charge!
  • We will be at your beck and call for the duration of the ride time. Should you need a fix outside scheduled ride hours, we’re happy to oblige (but you may get hit with a fine and double fines may apply if I have to make your beverage in the rain). 
 Our prices will be reasonable at $4.00 and $4.50. The only additional charge will be for specialty milks – I will have Soy and Zymil on Board but please let me know if you require Almond, Rice, Goat, Camel or Armadillo milk!

Please send all correspondence directly to us at glencam09@gmail.com  (don’t reply to the Sydney to Surfers email address).
See you all at the start line
Carmela Baxter
Silky Oak Espresso
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