Ready or not! It’s nearly time to ride!

Riders, please read this update carefully – it contains important information about the ride and arrangements for the start at Hornsby this Saturday, 29 April.

Where do we meet?

The ride will commence from the carpark of Hornsby TAFE in Jersey Street Hornsby on the western side of the railway line. If you are driving to the start, please park in the street – do not drive into the carpark which is reserved for official vehicles and luggage trucks.

For those staying at the Ascot Motor Inn, The Blue Gum Hotel and the Hornsby Inn, our volunteers will call and pick up luggage from about 6.30 am. Please have it ready and at the front of the establishment. Riders should then ride the short distance to the start. When you arrive, you will need to retrieve your luggage from the truck.


Assembly time is from 6.45am on Saturday. The ride will commence from around 7.30am but you will need time to register, stow your luggage and find your pack.

What do I do?

When you arrive, you will need to report to the registration desks immediately. There will be four desks based on surname (A-G, H-May, Mc-S  and T-Z + YOTS).

On registration, you will be given your ride kit (jersey and knicks) and a name tag for your luggage. Please put this label on your luggage even if you are using your own transport (if a bag is put down for any reason we need to know where it belongs). If you are not camping, the prepared label will show the name of the accommodation that you advised you are staying at each night. Please check it.

Additional blank labels will be available for any extra bags. Please ensure additional labels are completed with the same information as the prepared label, otherwise we cannot guarantee they will end up where they should be!

When you have labelled your luggage, please take it to load on the luggage trucks as follows:

  • For those camping or staying at the camp site on the first night (Swansea), please take your luggage to the larger of the two trucks.
  • For all others, take your luggage to the smaller Thrifty truck.

The drivers have been instructed to refuse any bags that do not have our luggage label attached.

Find your pack

The allocation of riders to packs was distributed to all riders in the last week. If you did not receive this email, please contact us immediately.

Support vehicles for each pack will be parked in the carpark with the pack number clearly displayed. Please find your pack vehicle, report to your pack captain and stow your day pack in the support vehicle. The Pack captains are:

  • Pack 1 – Neil Matthews    
  • Pack 2 – Greg Turton      
  • Pack 3 – Stephen Plummer    
  • Pack 4 – Rod Mackay-Sim    
  • Pack 5 – Andrew Taylor    
  • Pack 6 – Robin Weckert  
  • Pack 7 – Mark Kelleher    
  • Pack 8 – Sam Issa

Your pack captain will distribute a coloured ribbon to each rider. The ribbon must be firmly attached to your seat post or saddle bag. It is important that the ribbon is clearly visible so that support vehicle drivers can readily identify members of their pack.

Your ride kit

Riders who have participated in previous Sydney to Surfers rides are asked to wear one of your past Macsim ride jerseys for the first day. All riders are asked to wear the 2017 ride kit (jersey and knicks) on the final day for the mass peleton ride through Surfers.

Your day bag

Please ensure that your name is clearly written on your day bag and be sure to collect your bag from the support vehicle at the end of the day’s ride. Here are some tips on what to bring in your day pack.

When the support cars arrive at the end of each day, the drivers are keen to get to their accommodation and bags are emptied from the cars. We often have people looking for a day bag and we have no idea where it is or we have a day bag with no idea who it belongs to. A couple of years ago one was left in a shed at the caravan park at Morriset and was retrieved halfway through the night. It could easily have been taken.

What else?

Police Instructions

The conditions placed on the ride by police forces in both NSW and Queensland get more onerous each year. On day 1, we are required to have a police escort from Berowra to Calga. During this stage, please ensure that any police directions are followed as any problems your non observance causes will only be ammunition for the police to refuse future permission to ride. The police also insist that riders maintain single file on all roads that are not dual lanes and of course, all riders must wear a helmet at all times.

At the end

The ride will conclude with a mass ride into the Sea World precinct finishing in the car park just past Sea World Resort (at Muriel Henchman Drive). If you have visitors meeting you, please ensure that they do not park in the boat trailer parking area.

Final Dinner

The final dinner this year will be at Sea World Resort, Main Beach. *|TITLE:FNAME|*, you have already advised us that you *|DINNER|* attending the dinner and will have *|GUESTS|* guest(s). Please let us know on Monday or Tuesday night of any changes to these plans. For riders, the cost of dinner is included in the ride fee; guests will cost $50 a head, payable in cash on the night. (There are ATM facilities at Sea World Resort).

Accommodation at Sea World Resort

You will need to have a valid credit card when checking in to your accommodation at Sea World. This is required by the resort for security reasons and to cover any extra purchases you may make. Please ensure you have your credit card with you before commencing check in procedures.

Auction : SOLD!

There will be a live auction of select items at the final dinner. You can check out what’s on offer on our live auction page – pick your favourites and come along ready to bid generously. You can also bid on a range of other items on our online auction page.

Raffle tickets

If you have not already posted your raffle books back to us, please make sure you bring them with you and hand them in on Monday or Tuesday night. For audit purposes, we are required to account for all books issued.

Ready, Set, Go! … when its your turn

We know you’ll be keen to hit the road but there’ll be a lot going on at the start, so please be patient.

The start of the ride will be under the direction of the Ride Marshal. It is planned that packs will leave at 5 minute intervals starting from around 7.30am. Pack 8 (the Youth Off The Streets team) will leave first. Other packs will follow in reverse numerical order, with pack 1 departing last.

Packs will ride to a marshalling area at Cowan Rest Area Truck Stop – from here, all packs will ride out together with a police escort down to the Hawkesbury River and up Mt White. It is likely that packs will become disjointed over this leg – don’t worry, you can regroup at the morning tea stop at Calga.

For those participating in the Sydney to Surfers ride for the first time, we recommend that you review the information on the website, particularly the route and preparation pages. If you have any questions which have not already been answered, please contact us.

Finally, it’s now time to enjoy a week of great cycling. It’s also an opportunity to add a new angle to your fundraising efforts. We encourage riders to continue to use your social media channels to communicate with your networks and promote the value of donations to support the work done by our favourite charity, Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets.

*|TITLE:FNAME|*, the crew is ready to go and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday morning.

Kind Regards

Kevin, Steve, Fraser
and the team from the Rotary Club of Engadine

Sydney to Surfers Robbo’s Ride
Ride Organising Committee