The ShareMarket – add a listing

Please use the form below to create an account and offer your accommodation to share or list a ‘share wanted’ request.

Please note the following points when completing the form below to list your advertisement:

Contact information

  • Contact person: your name will appear on your listing (please do not use nicknames).
  • Email: this is your account login; it will not be displayed on your listings but messages through the contact form on your listings will be sent to this address.
  • Phone number: optional; if provided, your phone number will appear on your listings.

Item information

  • Title: just a few words to describe what you offer or seek – eg, “single bed in shared room”.
  • Category: you must select a town from the drop down list (or your listing will not be displayed).
  • Gallery: optional – upload an image if you wish.
  • Description: provide details of the accommodation you are offering (or seeking), including the bedding available, bathroom facilities and the gender of those sharing.
  • Price: the contribution you are asking for from potential sharers. Not required for ‘share wanted’.
  • Location: enter the name of the accommodation. Not required for ‘share wanted’.

After you submit your listing, it must be approved by our administrator before it will appear on the website. We aim to approve listings within 24 hours. Please be sure to update or delete your listing as soon as possible when availability changes.

Before you complete the following form to submit your offered or wanted ad, please read the instructions above.

Contact Information
Item Information