Your training plan

Plan to spend at least 8 to 10 weeks immediately prior to the event building your fitness. During the Sydney to Surfers Robbo’s Ride, you’ll be riding 7 days in a row for between 120 and 160+ kilometres – it’s important to spend time before the event specifically building your fitness for the distances you will be riding.

Fitness is something that takes time to develop, and there are unfortunately no shortcuts around this. While the seasoned rider can “ride themselves into some fitness” during the event, it’s still important that everyone riding the Sydney to Surfers Robbo’s Ride prepares their body for the physical demands that they will experience during the event.

By correctly preparing your body for the event, you’ll ensure that you get the most enjoyment while participating in the ride. Our friends at Cycling-Inform have prepared a 9 week Training Plan specifically designed to help you build your fitness and be perfectly primed for the start of the Sydney to Surfers Robbo’s Ride. Click the download button below to get your copy.

The key to this program is getting out there regularly on the bike to build your base fitness for the event. We hope it helps you and we look forward to seeing you on the ride.





* cycling-informDavid Heatley is an Accredited Cycling Australia Cycling Coach. His company, Cycling-Inform, provides cycle coaching services, runs training camps and has a website full of excellent advice to help you get the best out of your training and your cycling.